Women's rock festival

The Women's Rock Festival offers a multitude of outdoor rock climbing activities designed by and for women. Get ready for a weekend filled with climbing adventures, embrace the tranquility of morning yoga and be inspired by captivating talks.

TypeFreelanceProvided servicesE-commerce, Email automation, Design, User databaseWeb stack
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vercel
  • Tailwind CSS

Custom & Responsive design

The website was initially built on Wix, but the client found that the platform limited the realization of their design concepts. Furthermore, there were issues with the site's responsiveness, causing many pages to display incorrectly on tablets and small screens. We concluded that the best solution would be to create a new website from the ground up, crafting a design that mirrors the essence of the original site.

Easily accessible user information

One of the key priorities for the customer was overseeing the growing number of participants and their details such as experience level, prior injuries and allergies. This information was needed for insurance reasons since rock climbing is a high risk sport.

Booking accommodation

Participants have the option to sleep in a bed, tent, or campervan. The number of participants exceeds the number of beds available at the venue and so beds are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Previously, the festival organisers would contact everyone individually and manually allocate beds. This process had to be repeated whenever a participant cancelled, freeing up a bed. This inefficiency was addressed by introducing an accommodation booking option.

Email automation

With more than 100 participants and volunteers, sending confirmation emails manually became impractical. To address this, I implemented email automation.

My approach

I chose Next because I know I wanted to create a database to store all participant information, so the easiest way to have that combine with my experience with reacti s Next. I created a form before checkout so all the essential information was gathered. Once you click "next" this info was sent to the database. I used Prisma to communicate between frontend and database? The checkout was then handled using Stripe and after payment was completed I used a webhook and Sendgrid to send the confirmation email which summarizes their purchase and provided answers. I deployed the site to Vercel since this seemlessly goes with Next (next is created by vercel or something). The data could also easily be exported from the Supabase database to Excel to use on the day of the event. Tickets were different types and limited in number, needed to account for that. First time creating an ecommerce platform. If things are sold out or beds all taken this needed to be seemlessly done between all things. Problem between checkout time (15min on Stripe), so they would be sent back.

Lessons learned

This was a high stakes project for me as a junior developer since this was the 2nd edition of a very successful event and people expected a certain standard. Very nervous on the day when people started buying tickets because nothing could go wrong. And nothing did! Navigating freelance contract and interacting and compromising. All backend stuff, online payment system, email integration.